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A closely held successful private company had two equal majority owners and one minority owner (45, 45 &10).   Unfortunately, the majority owners could not agree on what direction their Company...

    Mass Customization

    What is Mass Customization?

    Mass Customization is simply the process of a company aligning itself directly behind their customers' goals and needs. While the definition is simple, the transformation to a Mass Customized sales and business model is not.

    Marathon Shores has experience to show you how to implement the Mass Customization business model and improve your bottom line.

    The core ingredients behind a successfully implantations are:

    · Working closely with your Customers Senior and Executive Management.

    · Daily Communication within your company.

    · Visual aids, updated and reviewed daily, within your company.

    · Transforming your organization into total alignment with your customer's goals and needs.

    · Always delivering 100% quantity, 100% quality, 100% on time, 100% of the time.

    Marathon Shores believes a mass customization model that is effectively combined with lean initiatives will dramatically improve financial results in 12-24 months.

    Marathon Shores, LLC

    Marathon Shores, LLC
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