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A closely held successful private company had two equal majority owners and one minority owner (45, 45 &10).   Unfortunately, the majority owners could not agree on what direction their Company...

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    Retail Offering

    Over the last 10 years, the 'companion animal industry' has outpaced the annual CPI by as much as 40% as the U.S. pet population has grown twice as fast as the human population.

    Much of the sales growth can be attributed to an emerging niche market catering to affluent dog and cat owners. These include young cosmopolitans, successful suburbanites, empty-nesters, and other upscale households able to afford personalized apparel, specialized diet products, digital identification tags, and numerous other high-margin products and services.

    Offering discriminant consumers a product selection and service level that big-box stores cannot match, specialty retailers are uniquely positioned to capitalize on this market. But success also depends on the skill level of retail sales associates, who must exhibit a high level of product knowledge.

    Marathon Shores, LLC represents a Midwestern based Company that operates a 12-store chain of upscale, mall-based stores selling premium products for dogs, cats and their owners.  With a distinguishing mix of product, function, style and value, the Company has proven it's concept in smaller markets and is now ready to expand the model to larger markets where greater sales volumes and financial returns can be achieved.

    For summary information, please download our confidential summary.

    For a full offering memorandum, please request our confidentiality agreement.

    Please contact:

    Dave Banker
    (937) 789-7901


    Marathon Shores, LLC

    Marathon Shores, LLC
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